All you need to be healthy for life

My commitment and passion are to provide you with the elements to live
a healthy life so that you can live life to the fullest.
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Yoga & Nutrition for

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Mike Henderson

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sandra for five years.

I have never known anyone as self-driven to succeed as she is in both her personal and professional life.What she has accomplished while being a single parent of a beautiful daughter is amazing. Creating her own business as well as obtaining multiple Yoga certifications.

Jacob Cohen

Cohen Family Agency

Sandra has been amazing for our office, she has great smooth transitions and makes sure everyone is comfortable and happy. Would definitely recommend it.

Guy Simmons

Sandra is a great teacher

  She cares for her students and is very patient with us novices.  She takes the time to teach one on one while balancing the entire class.  If you want results I highly recommend that you give Sandra's class a try.  You will be glad you did. I am.  Thank you Sandra!!!!!

Meet Sandra

Sandra's vision is to help people live extraordinary lives.

She Is a Certified Nutrition Coach & Yoga Instructor, with a compassionate approach to health. 


She recognizes that each individual comes from different backgrounds, and their health concerns are singular. 

You have never experienced a professional approach and human understanding like hers.