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Meet Sandra

Sandra Akins is a Dallas-based Certified Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Wellness Expert.
As an enthusiast of natural and holistic living, Sandra's work on the mat and with her nutrition clients is truly bespoke. She guides on personal balance and well-being through healthful nutrition and lifestyle practices.

Sandra's extensive training in Nutrition Coaching and her quest to better her health inspired learning about natural foods' potential for our well-being. 

Sandra's yoga style can be strong, nurturing, and gentle in her yoga practice.


You will experience the full spectrum of movement and connection in her classes. Sandra encourages her students to be compassionate to themselves and move gently to explore methods for relaxation and self-empowerment.


My vision

I want to help people to break free from negative body image and social shame; and help them to shift into a life full of
Joy, Happiness and Good Energy.

Sandra Akins • Certified Nutrition Coach & Yoga Instructor

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