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Kids Yoga is an engaging experience for children of all ages! 


Kids will learn to connect their bodies and imagination with the practice Yoga. For example, they will do a yoga pose to represent what is happening in a story we are reading.


Young Kids practice Yoga, using books. We use our body to become a tree, roar like a lion, and become anything that our imagination and story tell us to do. They develop their social skills and the connection with the mind and body.


Our book selection is from all our favorite authors like Eric Carle, or Dr. Seuss, to name a few. 


They will study breathing techniques that will help them to be relaxed and calm. They will also develop body awareness, cultivate self-esteem, and practice mindfulness.


Taking Yoga at an early age is the best way to start a holistic, healthy life. Making the body, the mind, and the spirit to come together and play in one class.


Kids Yoga was born with the intention of calming the mind through the body. We want to help kids learn the power of their minds over their bodies; they will learn to stay in tune with their feelings and movements.

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