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Healthy Salad






I'm here for you!! 
I am here to help you have a healthy relationship with food, 
your body, and your soul.

Loving & accepting your body is the beginning of a healthy relationship with food.

Food connects you to memories, to people, and to yourself. 

Let's make this relationship, a joyful one.


From now on, I will choose the healthiest food for my body,

and I will talk to myself in the same way I speak to my best friend,

with love and respect.

Counting calories and eliminating food groups is not sustainable. This will only make you stressed. Eating healthy is finding the correct balance from nutrition and your intuition. It is about what makes you eat and how you eat. 

My job as your Intuitive eating Counselor


As your Nutrition Counselor, I will encourage you to be an active learner and participant. You will be the architect of your new life, and I will be your guide. Our collaboration will facilitate your wellness development which will turn your goals into action plans. 


You will be able to follow up on this plan! 


Because we will be creating this plan based on your goals, favorite foods, and lifestyle. 


Honoring, loving & respecting your body


We were born with an exceptional body, with a unique structure that cannot be modified by any diet or workout. What you can do is to make that body into a healthy and energetic body. By accepting your body, you will be opening your heart and mind to wellness, and to positive changes. Yes, most people that follow a healthy Nutrition Plan will lose weight, and if they add some exercise, they will tone their bodies. There is a lot of good things that can happen if you treat your body correctly. I will help you to go through this journey of body image and body acceptance.



As I will guide you with the right nutrition, and inspire you with “Aha moments”, remember you are the one that will be in the driver seat, and that will make or break your success. My support will be with you, I will encourage you. I will be with you till the end, and I am counting on you that you will do the work.


My method


My coaching is individualized. Nobody else will have the same action plan as yours.

    These are the steps:


  • Personal Nutrition Assessment

We will discuss your current health, food sensitivities, eating patterns, food preferences, and goals. Another aspect of this assessment is your lifestyle. This is very important because it will determine the way you eat. Your lifestyle includes family traditions, work, travel, and beliefs.


  • Customized Plan

Your customized Nutrition plan will be based on your goals, food preferences, lifestyle, and any food sensitivities if you have. Why will it work? Because we are going to create it together. This plan does not include prescription diets, fad diets, or foods that you don’t like, or you are not .

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