Aligning with your true self

Aligning with yourself is being honest, authentic, and knowledgeable about who you are.

To get to know yourself, you must listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition.

My best friend sent me a message that opened my eyes and made me stop and re-route a self-destructive behavior. She told me... " The moment you see yourself in the mirror, know exactly what you want, and respect yourself, that will be the moment you will get rid of all the bad people around you. And only the people that are aligned to your values will come into your life."

When you know yourself, you won't accept what does not align with your true nature.

If this is for you if you have been lost, confused in loneliness, or despair, take a look at yourself. Open your eyes and look at yourself as a loving mother looks at her child, with infinite love and compassion. Accept yourself and allow life to happen through you.

Listen to that internal voice, your inner child that is honest and pure.

Be true to yourself, respect, and love yourself.

When you find yourself, you will discover strength and profound everlasting love.

Love & Light


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