Are you Having Trouble with Letting GO?

Letting go of a relationship, a piece of furniture, a job, makeup, or any other things that don't serve you anymore is a positive and cleansing act.

You are letting go of the old to welcome the new.

Letting go can be intimidating for a lot of people.

When we keep things just because we are used to them, we live in a state of "familiarity."

But don't get confused by thinking that "being familiar with something is the same as feeling comfortable with something."

We need to be very clear about what things we want to keep in our lives.

My rule number one is to "only keep what brings me joy."

Try this right now; close your eyes and think about something you have in your life; it can be your sofa, a pair of jeans, anything. Now, ask yourself if that object brings you joy or distress. Follow me?

The feeling is telling you if it's time to let go.

Letting go is an act of trust and hope. When you let go, you trust that things will be ok, and you hope that something better will come into place.

When we let go, we create space for the new.

The unknown:

Letting go can be scary for many because it represents the attachment we have to a person, a routine, an object.

If you are already thinking about letting go of that something, it is time to let go.

Please do not put that something aside because it will become clutter in your life. If it does not serve you anymore, you need to say goodbye, and with gratitude, make a little prayer thanking it for the time, the service, and the energy that was exchanged from the two of you.

How to practice "Letting Go."

Practice letting "go" by saying goodby to small objects, or by cleaning one of your drawers, get rid of what you don't use, and it is only taking space in your house or your life.

Once you clean up your space, you will feel light, your thinking will be sharper, you become more productive, and the best, you will become more creative.

Yoga practice is a great place to practice "Letting go."

I like to meditate and use my breath as a vessel for my thoughts and emotions in my practice.

If there is something that I need to release, I think about it, and I feel the thought. I inhale deeply, and with a big exhale, "I let it go."

The thought becomes physical in your body.

You are ready no to move on and to take action.

Let go of the body of yesterday

Let go of the person that hurt you

Let go of what does not bring you joy.

We are in constant evolution and continual rebirth.

Letting go is very helpful for improving your life and becoming a better person.

-Sandra Akins


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