How to feel connected in these times?

Updated: Jul 9

Are you working from home? Yes, like many people around the world.

These COVID times are taking a toll not only in our health and our wallets; they are making a dent in our hearts. The isolation for many of us is unbearable. And for many of us, our only exit is a walk in our neighborhood.

These walks are a breath of fresh air, they are also our 6-feet apart close encounters with humans, and if we are lucky, we might watch wildlife. Where is the connection that comes from a sweet hug? or from somebody touching our hand.  Well, we can't have it right now.

Maybe we can use these walks to reconnect with friends or family that we haven't hear about in a long time.

Perhaps we can give them a call while we are walking. We can hear the sweet sound of their voice, the sound of somebody that cares about us, somebody that will be so happy to receive our call.

I invite you to get your phone, and call somebody, ask them to abut their lives, how are they doing, and show them that you care. They are maybe feeling the same way you do.

Stay connected; keep the love & friendship connection.


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