How to manage emotional eating

Losing weight is not 100% related to food. The way we eat is related to many factors like social life, work, stress, traditions, and hormones.

These factors are the reason why diets don't work because diets only focus on the food—leaving all the other factors out of the equation.

I can relate to stress eating because I am a busy single Mom; I am rushing, going from yoga class to yoga class, client, and office. We all have our chaos. It is up to us how to react to life.

I have five things that I like to do when I feel overwhelmed and am about to eat the whole bag of chips.

1.- I stop!!! When I realize that I am not thinking straight and am only reaching out for food because I am stressed, I stop and take a deep breath. I breathe to a count of 4 and slowly release the air. Then, I repeat the cycle of breathing till I feel calm. Most of the time, the breathwork is enough to calm me down. After that, I become Mindful, and I don't eat automatically.

If, after breathing, I still feel anxious, then...

2.- I try to identify what is making me feel anxious. Sometimes, my worries are out of my hands; in that case, I don't worry anymore about it and only do what I can do.

3.- Distracting myself with something fun that makes me happy and brings me joy:

sometimes we eat because we are lonely, bored, or sad. Moments of anxiety are the perfect moments to call somebody. Somebody that makes you smile and makes you feel good or somebody that needs you. Also, you can go out for a walk, read a book, listen to your favorite playlist or take a nap. Sleep is a source of energy; it's like food for the body.

4.-Other reason why we eat without being hungry is thirst! So, please, drink plenty of water; maintain your body hydrated.

5.- If you are still hungry after practicing these last four actions, your hunger is real.

Eat something healthy, something that nourishes your body. If it is not time to eat jet, you can have some fruit or nuts. They are always delicious and healthy.

Eating Intuitively is to be fully connected to your body, acknowledging when you are hungry, and recognizing the cues when you are not hungry. Sometimes it is only our emotional state that is making us eat.

If you want to eat healthily, turn around your health and find your natural body weight, you can schedule a free discovery call with me. So let's talk; I'd love to be your nutrition coach and start this journey with you.

Love & LIght


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