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12 easy tips for eating healthy when your life is hectic

Time constraints are the biggest obstacles that sabotage your health goals if you are busy. However, here are a few hacks you can implement to help you stick to your plan and achieve the desired results.

Life is unpredictable, but we can still have control by being prepared. This list has 12 simple tips to help you maintain your health goals and keep your sanity.

Takeout is a great idea:

When you have no more energy or time to cook, order a healthy takeout (Check out my list of Fast Food Restaurants. This list includes high proteins meals that are around 500 Calories each.- You will be surprised to see that you can still eat healthy from a fast food restaurant).

Prepare food on the weekends:

For example, cook your favorite soup and save it in containers, so when you get home, you can easily pop it in the microwave oven and have a meal ready to eat. One of my girlfriends told me that her boyfriend likes to grill, so every time he goes to her house, he prepares delicious marinated chicken so she can have chicken for the week. She makes different dishes, from chicken tacos to salads or soups.

Use fruits as snacks:

Fruits are the best snacks you can have during the day; they can be the substitute for your granola bars. One of my favorites is a banana and a handful of nuts. Fruits are sweet and full of nutrients; you can carry them in your purse or desk. If you are hungry, reach for a fruit or a handful of nuts instead of going to the vending machine. You will have an excellent healthy snack and will save money.

Cut your veggies and put the