The perfectly - imperfect beautiful Body.. fat rolls

I received one private message on my Instagram that said, "You have fat rolls on your belly"... after all you do, I was expecting you were wholly flat and slim.

It took me a while to understand where she was coming from. But then, I saw her Instagram, and it was full of beautiful girls, showing gorgeous clothes, places, and happy faces.

After giving a good thought, I realized that she is coming from the same place many of us are coming these days

"From the place that you are expected to be perfect, to perform, to be the one," and if you are not up to the standards, then you are a looser.

Expectations of perfection are a pattern that is beneath all that superficial talk in social media. Women feel this pressure more than men and our teenage girls even more.

Today, this is my 48-year-old body.

After having a baby, beneath that skin, there are strong muscles that hold my spine and make my body move effortlessly.

I am ok with my rolls; I actually think they are super cute, and if you have them, love them too; they are part of your fantastic body; they are part of you. Ultimately, the body shape is not as important as the shape of our strength and persistence.

It's ok to have rolls; it's ok not to be picture perfect.

Don't expect to be perfect; expect to get stronger in the journey and grow deeper and deeper in love and respect with yourself.

Love & light


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