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Restorative Yoga

What is it?
Restorative Yoga


Restorative Yoga is a Practice that explores physical, mental, and emotional relaxation with the assistance of props.  You will be able to maintain balance while you are stimulating and decompressing your body.



Slows Down the Speed of Life

Restorative Yoga is a fantastic opportunity to disconnect from the hectic activity of daily life. It prepares the mind and body for inward meditation and increased awareness. 


Calming the Nervous System

Restorative Yoga uses prolonged and slow breathing that helps to relax the nervous system. 


Encourages Mindfulness

Restorative Yoga also called “mindful yoga”  expands awareness of the self and the body—recognition of the environmental sensations, thoughts, and emotions that can have a more profound significance.


Creates Deliberateness of Action

You can experience the direct cause and effect between your poses, breathing, and overall well-being. As your practice continues and deepens, you will learn to make more conscious decisions both on and off the mat.


Strengthens Acceptance and Detachment

You receive the highest benefits from your practice not through forcing yourself into a pose, but by releasing and surrendering to it. 


Helps You Feel Safe and Nurtured

Restorative Yoga provides you with a safe space. Increasing a deeper connection to who you are and your true nature.


Restorative Yoga is a tool to develop and increase self-awareness and connection to your true self.