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Reset & Detox

Healthy Green Smoothies
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Hello! I am so excited to invite you to my new workshop to Reset your Body and Detox from all that holds you back from living a life in optimal health.


The workshop will start this April 13 at 7:00 PM Central Time via Zoom.

After that, we will meet every week until May 25 at the same time.

Spring is a perfect moment to prepare our bodies for the summer so we can absorb all the good energy and vitality of the season.


What topics will be covered in the workshop

  1. Sugar detox

  2. Workout Plan

  3. Calendars, Schedules & Planning

  4. Hot to fix your plate in a balanced way

  5. The truth about Carbs, Proteins & Fats

  6. Drinks & Desserts

  7. Detoxifying smoothies

  8. Food for good skin

  9. Food for great digestion

  10. Morning Routine

  11. Weekends Routines

  12. Emotional Support system 

  13. What do when we feel anxiety

  14. Positive body image

You will also get:

  • My support via email throughout the workshop

  • Free Live "Abs Sculpting Classes" every Monday, Wednesday and Friday" at 6:30 AM via zoom.

  • Free On-Demand Classes

  • Free downloadable PDF with all the materials you learn during the workshop. 

  • Recipes for the best Detoxifying Smoothies

  • 30% discount for a Private Yoga class



  • Early Bird Price 10% Discount with Coupon Code SPRINGDETOX22

  • On the day of the event $150.00

  • If you mention this workshop to a friend, you will get a 20% Discount.


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