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Sandra Akins

Intuitive Eating Counselor
& Yoga Instructor

Do you want to live a Healthy and Happy life?

Turning your health around is possible if you listed to your body,
your mind and your spirit.
Give yourself only the best of the best...

The best food, the best workouts, and stimulating positivity!




I have had the pleasure of knowing Sandra for five years.

I have never known anyone as self-driven to succeed as she is in both her personal and professional life.What she has accomplished while being a single parent of a beautiful daughter is amazing. Creating her own business as well as obtaining multiple Yoga certifications.



Sandra has been amazing for our office, she has great smooth transitions and makes sure everyone is comfortable and happy. Would definitely recommend it.


Sandra is a great teacher. She cares for her students and is very patient with us novices.  She takes the time to teach one on one while balancing the entire class.  If you want results I highly recommend that you give Sandra's class a try.  You will be glad you did. I am.  Thank you Sandra!!!!!


Meet Sandra

Sandra Akins is a Dallas-based Certified Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Wellness Expert.
As an enthusiast of natural and holistic living, Sandra's work on the mat and with her nutrition clients is truly bespoke. She guides on personal balance and wellbeing through healthful nutrition and lifestyle practices.

Sandra's extensive training in Nutrition Coaching, along with her quest to better her health, inspired learning about the potential that natural foods have on our wellbeing. 

In her yoga practice, Sandra's yoga style can be strong, nurturing, and gentle.


You will experience the full spectrum of movement and connection in her classes. Sandra encourages her students to be compassionate to themselves and move gently to explore methods for relaxation and self-empowerment.